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Design of Aerospace Supply Chains


Программа тренинга

The value chain and the supply chain: definitions, history, evolution and differences

Components of a typical supply chain: entities and flows

  • Customers: manage customer orders and reverse logistics, especially for maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) customer needs
  • Suppliers: manage procurement o Plant: produce products and services o Flows: information flow; material flow; cash flow

The Supply Chain Scor Model (SCOR): a reference to design and manage a supply chain

Identify the key attributes for MRO customer needs (reliability, responsiveness, agility, asset, cost) in order to target concurrently compliance, fleet availability and operating cost

Network design: how to correctly approach location of facilities, suppliers, warehouses, and connect them with an efficient and effective logistics system

Supply management

  • an overview on the effective supply process
  • sourcing design: how to identify and select the right MRO operator suppliers in the domestic market and abroad, in order to reduce MRO total costs
  • ranking and rating process in supplier management: exercises

Maintenance programs and materials availability

  • basic principles (predictive maintenance and plan, and how it works with suppliers )
  • forecasting techniques based on time series, Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), etc

Risk management in the MRO supply chain

  • identify, classify and manage risks

Barriers to growth and how to challenge them

  • a change management approach as a support to drive change
  • technology : enabler for process improvement (maintenance and asset management systems, etc)
  • o collaboration attitudes

Specific aerospace quality standards

  • International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) : how thay can be useful for improving the quality of service: body of knowledge, assessment, training, qualification, maintain.

How to build a successful supply chain project

  • Put it together through the best approaches of project management in order to manage time, cost and quality o Define scope, stages, resources, durations, milestones
  • Control the progress of the project with a baselined scope, time and cost
  • Assure the project is on track an successful with proper Key Performance Indicators and a dashboard

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